What’s Hot and What’s Not in Home Styles this Year

March 9, 2012

Yahoo Real Estate just released an article on home design trends for early 2012.

What buyers are looking for


Modern Style This year’s designated New American Home is being featured as part of the International Builder’s Show. Photo Courtesy of flickr | International Builders’ Show

First on the What’s Hot List is the Modern house.  Modern makes sense to the green and practicality conscious buyer.  Besides that, focus on big, light admitting windows give an indoor-melds-with-outdoor feel.  To blend into the surroundings, architects are going hybrid.

Neo-Mediterranean is next.  The rustic elements of Spanish or Tuscan architecture work well in the South and Southwestern climate.

The Craftsman is still a favorite and is big in the North.  These gems are cozy and charming all rolled into one.What Buyers are Looking for

What’s Not List includes the oversized McMansion.  They are not energy efficient and overshadow surrounding homes.  Well-designed Mansions on properly sized lots and the right setting are still in demand.

McMansion,showy,super-sized jumble of styles McMansion’s were a sign of success before the bubble burst. Photo Courtesy of flickr | FunnyBiz

Ranch Style homes with split-levels are considered outdated.  And lastly, the timeless Victorian, though charming in appearance are difficult to rehabilitate and maintain.

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