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May 21, 2014

In the May-June Issue of From the Front Porch Journal we featured this upcycled bench done by Paula’s husband Mr. P. over at Pollyanna Reinvents. ( Note:  She has a great tutorial on how to make the bench.)  She is a lover of turning the old into new and she is very good at it.  Check out the building at the rear of the bench, it’s all old windows and doors…pretty cool huh?

Bed to Bench FPJ Feature

Awesome Headboard to Bench

In my search to give you some additional ideas for bed to bench upcycles, I found that scale is key in making the transformation a good one.  Trust me, I saw some really out of scale benches in my search.  Not pretty!  Having the proper seat depth and height is extremely important for comfort.  Following the guidelines of  average bench depth of 17-20.5 inches and seat height of 16-19 inches will keep you in the safe zone.  You will also want to keep in mind if you are going to be putting a cushion or pillows on the bench, as this will effect your height and depth.  Planning and not flying by the seat of your pants will give you a project that looks good.  This is where patience really pays off.  Mak and Jill over at Mak and Jill did a great job with scale with  the bench above. 

Colorful Bench

For the more colorful interiors this bench was completed by Marti at The Next Fifty Years.  I think she did an awesome job of transforming a bench in really poor shape into something really fabulous.


I am in love with this metal bed turned bench.  I really think I was suppose to be born in another era.  I love all things old.  Especially metal beds!  Jamie at Southern Revivals created something I would have never thought to do.  Now that’s creative!   

Charming Bed to Bench

A headboard and what looks like a pallet were created by someone that John knows over at Why I Love West Texas.  Since, I grew up in the Midwest on a dairy farm, I love John’s blog.  He’s a farmer and I was a farmer.  Even though I’ve not been on the farm for over 25 years, I am still a farm girl at heart.  If you want to see some fantastic photography of life on the farm in Texas head on over to his blog.  Sigh, I’m off topic again, my  “oh look a kitty” syndrome kicked in…sorry.   So back to bed to benches.  On this bench I love how they created a space for a message.  I’m assuming the reason for this was the caning was bad in that right section of the headboard.  Talk about lemons into lemonade!  I could see using a colored chalkboard paint  in that section, so the message could be changed.  Yup, they really have that!  Colored chalkboard paint.  Check it out here.  I also love the chartreuse color, what a statement it would make in the garden or on a front porch!

Buy George

What do you do when you only have a headboard.  Don’t put arms on it like George did over at Buy George Custom Woodworking Creations.  It looks like George(I’m assuming that is the person’s name since I can’t find it on the site) does this kind of thing for a business.  Having George or someone like him would be a great option/solution if you don’t have the know how or time to do a project like this yourself.  I thought George’s  prices were  pretty reasonable.  The bench above retails for $150.00

And finally, this video was making the rounds on facebook this last week.  It’s about a man who purchased a baby’s crib at a yard sale and transformed it into a chair.   The story is both heartwarming and touching.  It also exhibits something near and dear to my heart, a random act of kindness.  Go! Now! Yes you right now, and watch the video to see what I’m talking about.  

Sidenote:   You can see my Project Christmas 365 that I’m doing on Livin In SD this year.  This year is all about paying it forward, giving, and random acts of kindness…keeping Christmas all year long, not just from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day. 

Until next time!

Blessings from us at the wee humble cottage to your homes!

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