Three Super Easy Ideas for saving Money on Utilities

April 13, 2012

The Light Bulb Comes On…


 Saving Money on Utilities, San Diego











One energy-saving measure that can have a huge impact right away is switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs. According to Kiplinger’s, compact fluorescent bulbs last ten times longer and can save up to $60 per light over the lifetime of the bulb. Multiply $60 by the number of lights you operate in your home, and the savings could be staggering.

Power Drain

Another quickie is adding a smart power strip. As it turns out, even when appliances are off, they can still draw power. The figure Kiplinger gave was 40% of total energy is consumed when appliances are turned off. What is 40% of the power that your appliances pull? Again, this could be significant over time.Energy saving tips,compact fluourescent bulbs,smart power strip,

Wasted Energy

Turn off the lights when you leave a room. This sounds like basic common sense but it is surprising how much something like this could add up. Choose to Save has a huge list of ideas in all categories.  Now go turn out those extra lights! 🙂

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