The Corvette Diner Celebrates 25 Years

March 6, 2012

Burger Giveaway


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The Corvette

This morning on the local news, San Diego’s Corvette Diner announced a historic burger giveaway.  Located at Liberty Station in Point Loma, the restaurant announced that they would give away 1973 burgers – first come, first serve.  That was the date when the restaurant first opened.  Liberty Station is a new location, the original restaurant which is now closed, was situated in Hillcrest.  The festivities began at 11:30 am pacific, but people were already lined up 200 deep when the morning news announced their big event.

Great service, great food

Corvette imported servers from other of the Cohn Restaurant Group properties to handle the volume of business they anticipated.  As of 4:00 pm, they had given away 952 of their mouth-watering house specialties.  I ordered something called Kookie’s Burger, which included sautéed onion, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.  It was delectable.  My friend enjoyed a Sid’s Western Burger, which included crispy bacon, onion rings, cheddar and their Kentucky stud barbeque sauce.  They also have a gluten-free menu.  Their selection of fountain drinks and shakes are superb.

Corvette Diner,Great Burgers in San Diego,Liberty Station,Point Loma

One of the happy servers at the historic Corvette burger giveaway

Fifties and Sixties Flash from the Past

While the customers enjoyed their amazing fifties fare, a DJ played cheery hits from the fifties and sixties.  The servers, many of who are singers and performers, entertained the clientele in their costumes and wigs.  Janet, one of their singers gave a smoking rendition of At Last, the hit made famous by Etta James.  American Idol watch out.

Despite the wait, it was a very enjoyable experience.  I had never been there before, but I fully intend on returning.  Even if you missed the burger giveaway, treat yourself to a meal at The Corvette Diner, 2965 Historic Decatur Road, Liberty Station.  You will be glad you did.

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