Your Tax Refund Could Mean a New Home

February 6, 2014


Do you remember what you spent last year’s income tax refund on?

Yeah, neither do we.  Instead of spending it on something frivolous, why not put it towards something that matters, something that you and your family will appreciate for years to come.  A home!

There is no greater feeling than owning your own home; and by using your tax refund for your home down payment, you eliminate the bigger hurdle of scrimping and saving to gather those down payment funds.

Combining a down payment assistance program with an FHA first mortgage or a VA loan could lead to little or no money out of pocket.

Contact Rosemary at 619-405-7673 or her team member Carolyn Plummer from Amerifirst Financial at 619-414-5038 or at 619-813-8934 to get more information.  We are here to make your dreams of homeownership a reality.


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