Staging to Sell – The Front Door

January 5, 2012

Staging to Sell - The Front Door

Your Front Door Can Make a Lasting First Impression

First Impressions

Getting your front door in top shape is well worth the effort.  First Impressions are important.  They color people’s perception for everything that follows.

Draw the Eye

Make It Stand Out:  Choose a color that compliments your overall scheme but draws the eye.  A contrasting color at the same intensity will draw the eye, as will a darker intensity of your overall color.  The more tucked away your front door, the bigger the pop you need.  Consult a color wheel or ask the professional where you buy paint to help you with this process.


Use Accessories to Bring Additional Style:  Use your new front door color elsewhere in small amounts to add interest to your mailbox, house numbers, a planter or a chair.  The visual intensity will invite prospective buyers into your home.

Lighting:  A new lighting fixture can take years off of your home, giving it a fresh updated look.  Solar lights placed strategically up the walk will lead people up your walkway.

Improving your front door is always money well spent.  It will wow prospective buyers and whether you are selling or not, will let people know that visitors are welcome.

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