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September 20, 2012

La Playa -Point Loma’s Finest Neighborhood


Best neighborhood in Point Loma, La Playa La Playa is Spanish for the beach. It is also one of the waterfront portions of Point Loma. La Playa is one of the most exclusive areas in San Diego, certainly in Point Loma. All you have to do is look at the homes, but even if your eyes are closed you’ll notice that its quiet. That’s because unlike much of the area–Parts of Downtown, Bankers Hill, and even other portions of Point Loma–You are outside of the flight path. There are sounds here but they are different. In La Playa, at times, you can hear the sounds of warriors training courtesy of the United States Navy travel across the water from Coronado Island.

Sailing in San Diego Bay

But back to the sense of sight. The view of the waterfront is gorgeous. I am posting some photos of the views so you can drool along with me. I never get tired of this amazing area. There is so much to do and see and much of it within walking distance.

Amazing Homes and Even More Amazing Views

La Play Homes

Homes here include everything from the stunning the Arts and Crafts homes of 1910, to the bold contemporary designs of today. La Playa has something for everyone, and it helps if you have the dinero, that’s Spanish for table by the window por favor.

Among its many attractions, La Playa has some great venues and outdoor hubs including Humphreys by the Bay (you will find a wonderful summer concert series there), Shoreline Park, San Diego Yacht Club, Southwestern Yacht Club and Silvergate Yacht Club. It is in close proximity to Point Loma Nazarene University, and Fisherman’s Landing, where folks can charter boats, learn to fish, or go out on long trips with the experts.

San Diego County Neighborhood Facts And Pictures

La Playa Home Search

We lived in La Play in the late 1990’s, my family and I loved the night sounds of seals barking, the hum of boats and yachts, and on occasion foghorns. We used to love walking from Kellogg Beach to the Village along a foot path along the harbor. There is a sub base nearby where they train dolphins. At night sometimes while we walked along the beach, we noticed the dolphins following. Sigh. That is the sound of my heart melting over the dolphins.

Laplaya CA

Some of the local eating establishments include Humphreys Restaurant, The Brigantine Point Loma, Point Loma Seafood, and Kona Kai Restaurant–just to name a few. There are some interesting shops here, as well, such as Offshore Outfitters, Sharkeys, Marvelous Muffins and The Wine Pub. These are the kind of places that are perfect when you want to stroll and need something different to learn about.

Outdoor Excellence

Carol Mendel, a local woman, has a great walking tour. This is a low impact way to stay fit and also learn about local history.

One other tidbit I think is interesting. This area has green parrots. At one time, they even had a family of macaws that had escaped from their owner.  I used to joke with clients that I paid them to fly over whenever I was showing homes in the neighborhood.

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If you would like to find out more about La Playa, or would like to schedule a tour, please call me at 619-405-7673, or email me at


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