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Little Italy, Hey Paisano

Little Italy is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego.  Nestled among a cosmopolitan potpourri of both old and new buildings, lowrise and skyscrapers, sits this one of a kind, ethnic gem.


Little Italy is bordered on the north by West Laurel Street, and the east by the 5 Freeway. It stops on the west at the Pacific Highway, and the south at West A Street.


When you talk Italian Culture–you’re talking food, and Little Italy will not disappoint. Apart from the regular fare such as Subway, Little Italy offers some outstanding ethnic options. Here is a list:

  • Assenti’s Pasta
  • Filippi’s Cash and Carry Italian Grocery – you have to walk through the grocery to get to the restaurant. That is very traditional.
  • Landini’s Pizzeria
  • Extraordinary Desserts — not ethnic but it isn’t called extraordinary for nothing.
  • Café Zucchero
  • Café Italia
  • Pappalecco

best neighborhoods in san diego ca


Life in little Italy, zip code 92101, is warm, friendly and interesting—like the people. At one time, more than 6,000 Italian families lived in Little Italy and toiled to build San Diego into the center of the world’s tuna industry.

With the decline of the tuna industry on the West Coast and the destruction of 35% of Little Italy due to the construction of Interstate-5 freeway. Little Italy suffered nearly thirty years of decline.

A good place to live

Today, Little Italy is home to a wide array of people—young families and professionals, artists, businessmen, and descendents of those rugged Italians who moved to San Diego from San Francisco in 1906. Incidentally that big migration took place after the big earthquake. Annual events include Mardi Gras, Artwalk, and a huge bicycle riding event called the Gran Fondo Colnago.

Little Italy ca

One Mile Walk and Other Fun Things to Do

Info on the One Mile Walk is to the right. In May and November local merchants host the Taste of Little Italy. In summer vendors host The Sicilian Festival, which includes plenty of Sicilian Cuisine. And there is a Christmas Village and Tree Lighting in December.


If you are thinking about little Italy for your next home, you will find plenty of fun and excitement for the entire family. Condos start at $200K and a wide variety of options go up from that price point. The cool thing about Little Italy is that nobody is priced out.

Another feature of Little Italy is the San Diego Trolley Line and buses. It is an easy place to navigate.

The Buildings

According to zoning, there is a limit to the number of floors a building can have. So people who live in highrises bordering on Little Italy won’t lose their views in the coming years. Best of all, it is a short walk to the Harbor.

The Charm…

Did you know… Little Italy loves its four-legged friends and wins the blue ribbon as San Diego’s most dog-friendly neighborhood. Myriad local eateries warmly welcome canine companions with water bowls and treats on the patio, and each street corner has a DogiPot station dispensing biodegradable baggies to keep the neighborhood both clean and green. Amici Park hosts doggie play groups and romp sessions, while dog-friendly hotels, daycare, spas, groomers and even a pet taxi are but a few of the many services to pamper your pooch.
“This community truly recognizes its residents’ pets as family members, so we try to keep our events and neighborhood both dog- and family-friendly,” explains Chris Gomez, district manager of the Little Italy Association. Two paws up. Read the full article on the best places neighborhoods to live in San Diego here.  

Visit Little Italy’s own website.


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