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September 25, 2012

White done Right

San Diego Home Decor & Color, SanDiego HomeThe Old Days

Some of us are old enough to remember a day when homes came with white walls, and that was the color they stayed. White. It didn’t matter what else was in the room, if the paint could be cleaned up and didn’t show too much wear and tear, that room stayed white.

As we grew to be adults ourselves, and the eclecticism of the hippie era and each successive trend rolled by, we saw bright color, rich color, deep color, and neutral color, and in general a celebration of color take over, leaving white to fend for itself. As the freight train of design whizzed by, I remember thinking how glad I was that white was a thing of the past. Poor old white!

 Then, thanks to a good friend of mine, I joined  Pinterest and my whole view of the design world changed.

San Diego County CaliforniaChalk it up to savvy designers and photographers from around the world, but my eye started to get an education. After a year of pinning to my hearts content, I find I love white.

One thing to consider when using white is to keep your palette simple. Don’t cloud things up with a million colors or it just becomes visual noise.

Another consideration is contrast. White likes black. They complement one another. When using black and white together be resolved about balance. Don’t get too black crazy or the lines in your room can get heavy. One of the beauties of white is that it has an open quality to it. Black should bring definition but not dominate.

Natural finishes, stainless steel, brick, wood, tile, glass, and wicker each look amazing next to white. I find the combination of white and natural materials especially soothing.

 San Diego Coastal Homes

White is sophisticated and simple all at the same time. It’s like the little black dress for your room. White doesn’t have to blanket every wall in every room. Combining it with a third tone: white, a little black, and for example blue, and reiterating it here and there over your entire home, will unify your space and make coming home feel like—well—coming home.

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