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April 9, 2013

It’s spring and with that comes a lot of talk about gardening and growing. If you don’t have a yard with lots of room, don’t worry! Here are some beautiful ideas to help you get inspired to get your hands in some dirt and your favorite seeds planted. 

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You hear more and more about buying local and eating naturally lately. 

Even without a yard, you can grow some of what you enjoy eating all throughout the year! It’s as easy as a walk through Pinterest’s great gardening ideas and a quick visit to your local nursery for some seeds and organic soil mix. (We recommend San Diego Seed Company for seeds you can mail order or you can find them at many nurseries.)

You can be enjoying your own “homegrown” lettuce in a few weeks along with the great satisfaction of growing your own salad! Don’t forget to add some edible flowers to the mix while you’re at it.  Pansies, Nasturtiums, or Borage always look lovely atop homegrown greens or as a cheery centerpiece for the dining table.  Want some extra growing ideas? Click here & here, have fun and enjoy!!           

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