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Ever Wonder “Why Video Marketing?”


James Wedmore a Youtube marketing expert shares some amazing statistics on why video is so important in today’s fast paced world. A world where you only have seconds to catch someones attention.


Take a look…



Over 94% of all consumers start their home search online.


If consumers are searching for homes online, it’s important to provide them the best tools available! In my real estate business, I use video because video brings your home alive… triggers emotions and causes people to move forward to visit your home.

Video is REAL. With video you can bring something to life. We can bring your home to a buyer who is a thousand miles away. We can show them all the features of the backyard, the neighborhood and the feel of your family room.

Video is LASTING. There are so many ways that we each learn. So many people say that they remember more of what they SEE than what they read.

Selling Your Home In San Diego County

Video gets to the POINT. Time is valuable. Our attention spans seem to be shrinking. The internet can give us so much information everyday, teaching us to not wait too long for that information. Video meets this demand!

Video is EMOTIONAL. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than video can be said to be worth millions! If we can make a video of your home that moves someone, they will remember those feelings and desire to visit your home to see if it is everything they are looking for.

Using video for real estate is the best way I know of spreading the word… FAST!


Here is an example of a Joles Group video.

This home sold in 8 days in 2012. Eight days!



 That’s the POWER of video!


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