The Great Refrigerator Organization

May 3, 2014

I work hard at being organized at work, people love walking into my office because of it.  My associate across the hall, calls me Mrs. Feng Shui.  I don’t know about that, but I do know it feels good to work and be in a space where everything has it’s place.  

My home on the other hand, that’s another story, everything looks like it’s organized, but you open up drawers, doors or closets and yeah, organized?  Not so much.  It’s scary territory and you never know what avalanche you might incur, especially when you venture into the wee humble cottages kitchen.  In the March/April issue of From The Front Porch Journal I wrote about organizing your refrigerator.  You can find the article on page 5 of the March-April 2014 issue here.  It will give you some insight into why I went on this trek of getting my refrigerator organized.   I’ve since gone through the process of  the great refrigerator organization with the help of some purchases mainly some Fridge Binz’s. and Slimline Fridge Jugs from The Container Store (on sale no less).  I was concerned that Mr. Useless Knowledge (aka my hubby, Mr. UK for short for the purpose of this article) would not be on board, but he actually likes the space it has created in our fridge.   We’ve been living with it for about 2 weeks and I can honestly say we love it!!!   

Here is a photo of our refrigerator before organization.  Let me tell you and I hate to admit it, it has looked worse than this.  I already had Tupperware’s FridgeSmart containers that I purchased on sale last summer.  I love them by the way and they do help keep our food fresh longer.  The biggie, is taking the time to put your veggies and fruits into them after one goes grocery shopping. Imagine that?

Refrigerator BeforeHere is what it looks like now…

Refrigerator After

I love the Slimline jugs for water and juice.  They take up so little space and as you can see our refrigerator is by no stretch of the imagination fancy nor is it very large.  This weekend I’m trekking down to Fashion Valley to The Container Store and pick up the Fridg Binz egg organizer too.  I didn’t think it was a necessity when I was their purchasing my other items.  However, this last week Mr. UK thawed a roast on the bottom shelf, blood leaked from it and soaked into the egg carton.  Gross!  So my immediate thought was I should have picked up the egg organizer.  Another Fridg Binz tray that is a little wider will also be on the list as some of the specialty jam jars didn’t fit in the ones I purchased.  So take that as a clue, if you attempt to do this type of organization measure what you are going to put inside the Fridge Binz to make sure they will fit!!!   Note:   I did measured the inside of the fridge, shelves etc., I’m not completely inept.  However, because I couldn’t see the jam at the rear of the fridge, it never entered my mind that the fig or pomegranite jam wouldn’t fit.  Sigh…   I also had Mr. UK purchase a cover for the canned dog food,  we were just putting it in a ziploc bag, but that took up too much space.  You’ll can see it at the bottom left corner of the fridge in the above after photo.   We picked it up at All 4 Pets in Santee for a mere 99 cents! Total cost of the refrigerator renovation once the balance of items are purchased will be around $80.00.  If you add in the Tupperware I purchased for $60.00 last year.  Total is $140.00.  That might sound like alot, but I have a feeling we are going to have a lot less waste going into the trash, which translates into big savings over a years time.

Dog Food Cover

The Cover for Toby’s wet dog food.  Toby is also know as Sir Prancelot, Toby Wan Kenobi and Hoover.

If you read the Front Porch Journal article the only thing I now would have added to getting the refrigerator organized is to make a menu each week.  It saves you time (no trying to figure out what you’ll be making for dinner), space (no overbuying) and money(no waste and less eating out).   I downloaded the app Mealboard $2.99 and liked what I saw, but it currently doesn’t fit our lifestyle.  Too much work to track what’s in the pantry, input my recipes etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept and I’m going to slowly start adding my recipes, but I wanted the immediate satisfaction of organization.  I checked out ideas on Pinterest and those too fell into the category of too much work for right now.  So, we keep it simple, a note pad is what we use to keep track of our menu and it goes on the fridge.  I create the menu based on what’s on sale and what we have on hand every Monday evening after the grocery store flyers arrive in our mailbox.  It’s a joint venture, we discuss any cravings we may be having and then I create the grocery list/menu  based on the specials and Mr. UK gets to do the shopping…. 


Our menu on the fridge

We only worry about the dinner menu, breakfast is always pretty much the same, oatmeal, pancakes, or a veggie scramble and lunch is always leftovers, salads, sandwiches and once a week a lunch date with any one of my clients.  We keep a list running of anything we run out of on this cute little clipboard my oldest daughter, Rebecca, gave us.  

Grocery list

If you are wondering where all of the strawberries and black berries went from the first photo of our fridge they became blackberry ice cream and strawberry sorbet!  Yum!  The strawberry sorbet will be featured in Delish in the next issue of From The Front Porch Journal.  It’s so easy!

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

Blackberry Ice Cream

Blackberry Ice Cream

Next on the kitchen organization list will be the installation of  pull out drawers in two of our lower cabinets.  They house pans, baking dishes,  serving plates and small appliances.  The only thing preventing me from doing it right now is I will have to talk Mr. UK into it.  Plus he has a myriad of other honey do’s that I have him working on.  Installation of canning jar lights, painting the kitchen and laundry room.  And also installing some laundry room shelves.  Did I mention I also want to get our DVD collection into the cloud…..I am a blessed woman to be married to such a great guy…. 

Happy organizing!



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