Our Most Recent YUM Find! Niederfranks!

July 6, 2016

Growing up on a dairy farm in West Central Wisconsin we had our share of fresh creamery butter, cream, raw milk, cheese/cheese curds (squeaky or deep fried) and, of course, ice cream.  One of my favorite memories of childhood was my grandmother taking me and my sister to Lookout Store for an ice cream cone.  It was an old fashioned country store that the rural community would go to for items that they needed in between shopping trips to the nearest town 9 miles away. It also had the best summer sausage east of the Mississippi!  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  In my humble opinion childhood isn’t childhood without:

1) Sweet cold watermelon eaten outdoors because it’s too messy to eat indoors. Plus how can you see how far you can spit seeds if you’re inside?  

2) A trip to the drive in “Root Beer” stand for a root beer float or

3) Ice cream in cake cones on hot, humid summer days or any summer day, or evening and morning for that matter.

We carried on the tradition when our twin daughters, Roxy and Chelle, both worked at the Baskin Robbins on Rosecrans in the Village of Point Loma while they were in high school.  One of the side effects of scooping ice cream is they boasted the strongest, most muscular right forearms.  Their reputation for scooping ice cream caused some of their friends to purchase an ice cream scoop for them that looked like a cow and would moo when you scooped the ice cream.  Their stint at 31 flavors left us with a love for Baseball Nut and Love Potion 31.  

Ice Cream at Olson's

Olson's Ice Cream in Chippewa Falls

Papa Todd with his granddaughters Amylia and Claraissa enjoying ice cream cones at Olson’s Ice Cream.  
The white and black fur person is our senior puppy, Toby Wan Kenobi, enjoying his own dish of Olson’s.

Now it’s our granddaughters’ turn to create memories of ice cream adventures.  They are doing that in my husband, Todd’s, home town and what is now their home town of Chippewa Falls, WI at Olson’s Ice Cream.  Olson’s has been in business since 1923.  Let me tell you when you’ve been making ice cream for nearly 100 years, you get really good at it.  If you are ever in Chippewa Fall’s you need to go there.  They are the only place I know that makes licorice ice cream.  My sweetest memory of our visit last summer with our grandchildren, was while we were having supper (dinner here on the west coast).  I leaned over to whisper into Todd’s ear that we should take the kiddos out for ice cream. Our then 3 year old granddaughter, Amylia, must have heard my whisper as she raised up her arms, as if she were the referee at a Green Bay Packer game, signaling that Mason Crosby had scored his field goal kick and yelled out with much enthusiasm, Olson’s!  We had no choice but to take them….

Which brings us to one of our favorite YUM finds in San Diego County. Niederfrank’s Ice Cream in National City!

Neiderfranks (1) Neiderfranks (1a) Neiderfranks (4) Neiderfranks (5) Neiderfranks (7) Neiderfranks (10)

Started in 1948, it has the tastiest blackberry swirl that takes me to my childhood in one lick flat!  We love the old fashion ice cream decor with its sweet heart chairs and bistro tables, the mural of downtown National City and Mr. Neiderfranks (Elmer) portrait staring you in the face as you sample their many wholesome flavors.  Yum…

What’s your favorite ice cream memory or YUM find in San Diego County? We would love to hear about it.  If you haven’t found one yet, here is a list to get you started finding your favorite ice cream or gelato.  Keeping cool in summer is easy when you have all of these great places to enjoy in San Diego County. 

Ice Cream in San Diego County

Ice Cream

Cow-A-Bunga Micro Ice Cream & Espresso
10 Evergreen Ave., Imperial Beach,

1038 Garnet Ave., San Diego, 92109

Extraordinary Desserts
2929 Fifth Ave., San Diego, 92103
1430 Union St., San Diego, 92101

Hammond’s Point Loma
3740 Sports Arena Blvd., #6, San Diego, 92110
3077 University Ave., San Diego, 92104
1418 Garnet Ave., San Diego 92109

Handels Homemade Ice Cream
90 North Highway, Encinitas, 92024

Lighthouse Ice Cream
5059 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach,92107

Mariposa Ice Cream
3450 Adams Ave., San Diego 92116

Moosie’s Ice Cream
4073 Adams Ave., San Diego 92116

MooTime Creamery
1500 Orange Ave., Coronado 92118

Neiderfrank’s Ice Cream
726 A Ave., National City 91950

Oasis Ice Cream
1832 Coronado Ave., San Diego 92154

Sloan’s Ice Cream
225 Broadway #1700, San Diego 92101

The Baked Bear
11640 Carmel Mountain Rd. Ste. 120, San Diego 92128

The Daily Scoop
3004 Juniper St., San Diego 92104

Tocumbo Ice Cream
1900 Main Street, San Diego 92113

Viva Pops
3330 Adams Ave., San Diego 92116

Gelato in San Diego


Bobboi Natural Gelato
8008 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, 92037

Esco Gelato
122 South Kalmia St., Escondido, 92025

Gaia Gelato
300 Carlsbad, Dr., #104, Carlsbad, 92008

Narvalo Ice Cream & Gelato
2205 S. Melrose Dr., Ste. 105, Vista 92081

Gelato Vero Caffe
3753 India St., San Diego, 92110

1602 State St., San Diego, 92101
3650 5th Avenue, #104, San Diego, 92103
4202 Adams Avenue, San Diego,  92116

P.S.  Sunday July 17th is National Ice Cream Day, all the more reason to discover your favorite ice cream YUM find!  

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