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January 16, 2012

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New Year Resolutions

I love January.  It is a time when so many of us take stock and reflect upon what happened the year before.  We formulate new goals and think about what we will do differently this year, in our homes, our gardens and our businesses.  Often, this is when we decide upon the projects we want to tackle, once our kids are back in school.

Make your goals obtainable

One key to successful goal setting, experts say, is to break down your goals into obtainable segments.  Goals are not supposed to be an endless succession of time consuming ordeals that I finally give up on out of exasperation.  Goals are a means to an end – better quality of life.

An orderly attic or garage is huge step in the right direction.  Done right, it will give you plenty of time for the things you really care about – your family and friends.

Well, we’ve got a plan that will help you get there with very little added effort – smart cleanup from the holidays.  Properly putting away our holiday decorations will pay off big next year.

Taking the first step

Before you do anything, collect all of your decorations in one place and sort them into three piles: Keepers, Broken, and Giveaway.

The keepers are the things you just love and use.

The broken are the things that need repair.  One question to ask yourself is: am I going to repair this?  If so, fix it.  If not, just get rid of it.  Give yourself permission to throw it away.

The final category is the giveaway pile.  These are items that are still in good shape, but you haven’t used in a year and you know you won’t use again.  If you do not have a friend or family member who can use them, you can donate these items to a favorite charity or community group.

Finally, put the keepers into labeled boxes and stack together in your storage area.  This will make decorating next year a snap.  If you follow this process for all of your decorations – Valentines, Easter, Fourth of July, and Halloween – by the following year, you will have significantly reduced clutter and reorganized your storage area.

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