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April 1, 2014

Ah, Hope!  What would life be, stripped of thy encouraging smiles, that teach us to look behind the dark clouds of today, for the golden beams that are to gild the morrow”. ~Susanna Moodie

This issue of From The Front Porch Journal is a tad late getting to you and we apologize.  Life/Work has been extremely busy.  The latest news in our life is that we’ve adopted a shelter rescue.  An adorable, blind Cocker Spaniel, with selective hearing named Toby.  An amazing little guy, he can shake your hand, give you a high five, and sit on command, especially when it’s treat time.  He has taken over The Wee Humble Cottage and our lives.  Of course he attached himself to Mr. Useless Knowledge, aka my hubby Todd, immediately.  This was of course no surprise to me.  Besides being the purveyor of tons of knowledge in that brain of his, Todd is the dog, baby, cat, bird, and small child whisperer.  So it is official, my hubby now has a very cute black and white furry shadow with a continually oscillating appendage.
I promise this issue of From The Front Porch Journal has well been worth the wait.  This months cover is of a very sweet B&B in our very own Ocean Beach.  If you know of someone coming into town, I can’t imagine a better recommendation than this charming home away from home.   We have a list of all the Spring Garden Tours happening in April and May.  Carolyn Plummer, mortgage professional extraordinaire of Amerifirst, gives us some great ideas on how to come up with a down payment so that renters can become homeowners.  Susanne Romo, insurance guru, of Farmers Insurance, is making sure that you know if your insurance has you fully covered. There is a fantastic recipe for Root Beer Pulled Pork!  Yum!   Yes, it has been tested and approved  by the Wee Humble Cottage residents!  Plus tons of other info you won’t want to miss.  So…go…now… make your beverage of choice and check out the link below to see this issue of From The Front Porch Journal!  Enjoy!

From The Front Porch Journal Click to Read & Enjoy!

Note:  There is an error on this months word search.  There is no La Jolla Cove in the puzzle.  There is however a Torrey Pines Beach. 🙂
Always remember, we’re here to answer any questions in the realm of real estate.  From the value of your home, to recommending someone for your home repair needs.  We are never to busy to help.  Also don’t forget about our knowledgeable writers and contributors.  We have the resources to help in just about every area of your life.
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