Musing Over Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

January 26, 2012

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture


Casa Del Prado,Balboa Park,San Diego

Casa Del Prado

Carolyn Plummer, of Prospect Mortgage Company, one of my colleagues, recently sent an article highlighting how the Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture style developed.  Reading this article got me thinking about how much I love looking at houses.

When I see Spanish Colonial Revival, I think of old Hollywood and Douglas Fairbanks sipping whisky by the pool.  It is quintessential Southern California glamour.  Hollywood just can’t get enough of this practical yet beautiful style.  Two celebrity homes in Bel Air that embody this style belong to Diane Keaton and Meg Ryan.

Spanish Colonialembraces rustic elegance.  The bold use of wood, plaster and stone mellows the effects of the warm dry heat native to the Southwest.  The high ceilings, indoor / outdoor configuration and tall windows all work together to make the most of our amazing climate.  Tall, thick wood roofs allowed homes to stay cool in day and yet the abundance of hearths and conductive properties of stone, allowed for warming at night.

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture,La Mesa,San Diego,Hollywood Glamour

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

If you have a hankering to see some of the gorgeous examples of Spanish Colonial, Revival Architecture right here in San Diego, apart from hundreds of beautiful, private residences, you can check out Balboa Park.

The Link to Article Sent by Carolyn Plummer

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

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