Morning Latte – The Smell of a Good Rose

September 3, 2012

Rosemary Joles Monday Inspiration for San Diego

Don’t forget to have fun…

Thoughts on Thankfulness

We’ve all heard it. Take time to smell the roses. Certainly a cliché—it sounds like something my Grandma used to say. But under the layers of corn and dust, lies a simple truth. When we are thankful, our lives can transform from ho hum [oh no, another cliché] to vibrant.

Few of us have the luxury of discarding our daily responsibilities for some trek into the Himalayas in search of Nirvana. But each of us can decide to see the good in the people we love and the blessings of our work.

I have an abundance of blessings in my life if I am willing to admit it. I can enjoy the journey and learn something useful every day of my life. Things improve by simply savoring the good.

Yesterday, amidst a horrendously busy timeline I attended the wedding of one of my best friend’s sons. I didn’t see how I was going to manage. The day before I could hear the ticks of the clock echoing in the background, taunting me, reminding me of the urgency of a critical project I need to finish by the end of September.

To make matters worse—it was an outdoor wedding in August. To say the least it was a push. I was ready for a second shower before the couple pronounced their vows. But, as the day continued and I kept reaching beyond my own challenges and thought about giving and sharing with all of the wonderful people at this great occasion—I relaxed and began to have fun.

In the process, I made no less then five new friends: Terry, Robert, Jen, Valencia, and Megan.

In each case, their status of being simply friend of a friend upgraded to a great person I’m glad I know. I also saw a side of my husband the made me proud as he jumped in a couple places where an extra hand was needed.

So here I sit today with a fresh perspective. Focus on thankfulness was long overdue. This occasion was a break in my work but it was also a refreshing. It has allowed me to come back to that project with renewed vigor. And yes, I will take time to smell the roses—I have so many.


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