Morning Latte: How to be a better…Listener

January 19, 2012

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Thoughts to ponder as we sip our latte in the morning


What if you could change one simple thing today that would dramatically improve your business and personal success – would you do it?  Well here is something, and it is absolutely free.  You can become a better Listener.

Your Efforts Will Yield Huge Dividends

Good listeners have more confidence.  They make fewer mistakes.  They have more satisfying relationships.  They get more done faster, because they have a much better chance of doing things right the first time.  Good Listeners are a pleasure to be around because in listening, they acknowledge and value the other person.

Most of the successful people I known are the ones who do more listening than talking.   Bernard M. Baruch

Some Things To Consider

Here are a few tips from Infoplease that I think will really help:

  • Give your full attention to the person who is talking
  • Let the speaker finish before you begin speaking
  • Listen for the main ideas the other person is sharing
  • Asking questions can help the speaker solidify their thoughts
  • Repeat back what they have said to be sure you understand what they are saying
  • Understanding what the other person wants or needs will allow me to respond in the most appropriate manner

One final thing to consider, listening is not synonymous with agreement.  I do not need to agree with the speaker in order to politely listen.  Rather, in listening I am supporting and encouraging the other person.

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