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September 24, 2012



Rosemary Joles Monday Inspiration for San Diego

Hammer vs. Water

In 1985 I took a research class. In the class, the man who was teaching gave a simple illustration on how believing works.

“Most people,” he said, “think that to believe is like swinging a hammer. If you swing hard enough, what you want will happen–boom.”

“Rather than the sledgehammer frame of mind,” he continued, “believing is like water behind a dam. The water continues to build pressure over time, rising higher as it collects. Eventually the level of the water rises high enough that it just swishes right over the top—no stress, no strain.”

My point here is this, when we decide we have something we want to see happen, we begin with easy steps—like the water. Then as we continue, repeating, refining, and defining our necessary actions, things start to develop.

Rosemary Joles Monday Inspiration for San Diego

Case in point, in the 1980s a small company in Kansas needed to get something done. They were long on people but short on other resources. So the man in charge decided to work with what he had—people. They needed to move a few hundred lightweight folding chairs across a campus. It was a situation where chair dollies weren’t going to work.

The chairs were housed in an outbuilding at the back of the property. He needed them moved from one end of campus to the other within a few days. Literally, the man asked for volunteers to walk two chairs per trip over the distance of a football field.

Rosemary Joles Monday Inspiration for San Diego

Photo Courtesy of The World Needs More Pie

You’re probably thinking, oh brother, who would want to help. I am happy to report, quite a few people. That manager had every chair moved right where he wanted it by the end of that business day. Enough people had volunteered five minutes of their time, coming and going from different meetings or lunch, that it only took one day to accomplish.

While this may not be an earth shattering example, it is a clear one. Have a great week taking the small sure steps toward your desired goal!



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