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May 15, 2014

Happy month of May!

This issue of San Diego’s From The Front Porch Journal, I promise, is full of fun and important things!  As always, our writers never disappoint.  Some of the things you will find within it’s pages are:

  • Carolyn Plummer, Senior Mortgage Loan Professional at Amerifirst, shares with you the in’s and outs of an adjustable-rate mortgage in Carolyn’s Memo.  They aren’t as evil as you’ve been led to believe.  You can follow Carolyn on Facebook here for more great advice on everything to do with the lending end of home buying.
  • Susanne Romo, of Farmer’s Insurance talks about the most critical insurance coverage that you need.  Trust me, you want to read this article!  If I’ve learned anything at all since I met Susanne, it’s to have adequate coverage.   Not only can you find great advise from her in From The Front Porch Journal, but you can take in all of her wonderful insurance wisdom here on Facebook.
  • New to “the Journal” is Lisa Vasey, of Staged Today Sold Tomorrow.  She’s sharing how to get your curb appeal to be the envy of everyone on your street.  Would you  like to see some of Lisa’s work?  Check out her facebook page here.  While you are there check out the beautiful staging job she did on a Crown Point vacant home.  I promise you will be impressed. 
  • Covering our Travel the World section I would like to introduce Beth Taylor, of Beth’s Taylor Made Travel.  She has been in the travel industry for over 30 years!  Can, we say she knows her stuff!  Since we are going into vacation time, she is sharing with us the latest craze, River Cruising… I can see myself now on a…Mississippi Paddle Boat….relaxing…with a latte and a book… awwwww…. You can find Beth on the web at  
  • Barbara Allen takes us on a local trip to La Mesa’s Mt. Helix,  in Travel San Diego.  It was the first time she’s ever been their and let’s just say she was inspired.   If you’ve never been to Mt. Helix it is definitely worth the trip!  Until you do make that trip though, Barbara’s view of it will give you the desire to go check it out.
  • Plus you’ll find the June/July Padres schedule.  From our Wee Humble Cottage test kitchen, a recipe for Strawberry Sorbet,  and yes, it is Wee Humble Cottage approved…yum!  As always some very interesting useless knowledge from none other than my husband, Todd, otherwise known as Mr. Useless Knowledge. 🙂 I love all the stuff that man keeps between his ears, can I just say? The Humphrey’s Summer Concerts Schedule and of course real estate eye candy and so much more.  Oh and don’t forget to send in your answers for Where’s Rosemary!  I have two movie tickets that need to go to someone!!!!

Until next time…

Blessings from us here at the Wee Humble Cottage to you.

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