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windsor hills neighborhood La Mesa, CA

Windsor Hills is not named for the hills but for the street—Windsor Avenue. It is situated toward the top of the beautiful, scenic Mount Nebo. Purchased by a Methodist from Ohio, Sherman C. Grable, in 1906, Mount Nebo was originally bought when La Mesa was known as Allison Springs.

Windsor Hills is home to some of the larger houses within the town proper. A leisurely drive up that sloping incline by way of Canterbury is a nice thing to do on a sunny day. But driving up Windsor Avenue is not what many health conscious La Mesans have in mind. Instead, the thing they like to do is to walk or run up the Secret Stairs. That’s right, Secret Stairs.

windsor hills secret stairsSecret Stairs

The City of La Mesa has several sets of public stairways in the Mt. Nebo/Windsor Hills area.

These stairways were installed many years ago to facilitate foot traffic through the adjacent neighborhoods. La Mesa is one of the few areas in San Diego County that have a system of stairways for people who take pleasure in navigating the steep ascents.

The stairs begin at the intersection of Windsor Drive and Canterbury Drive. You climb 245 steps to reach Summit Drive. Continue on Summit, descending east to find the second set of 184 steps to Beverly Drive. A third set, can be found on Fairview Avenue near Alta Lane. Go up 44 steps, cross Pasadena and continue for 16 steps and a paved pathway to Vista Drive.

mount nebo stair trails

Summer Fun Challenge

It’s quite a workout. If you are not in shape, have someone waiting at the top. Personally, I would have them waiting on Summit. 245 steps going strait up is nothing to sneeze at.

For more details on The Secret Stairs or other cool things going on in La Mesa neighborhoods, check out this link on the City of La Mesa website: http://www.cityoflamesa.com/index.aspx?NID=298



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