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Why did I start this blog?  That’s easy…  I love La Mesa!  I love living and working here in “The Village”.  When you can head out your front door, walk across a parking lot, pass through the La Mesa Walkway of The Stars and in less than 3 minutes be at your office that’s pretty fabulous.  La Mesa reminds me of my roots.  I grew up on a 250 acre farm located in a beautiful verdant valley near the small farming community of Gilmanton which is fairly close to the Mississippi in west central Wisconsin.  Now granted the weather  nor the vegetation is the same.  The palm trees here wouldn’t survive the sometimes ninety below windchill that Wisconsin gets.   But, a place is more than it’s weather and vegetation, albeit I do enjoy our weather here and being able to garden year round is pretty nice.   

What La Mesa has that I grew up with is that small town quality of living.  Friendly neighbors,  people who care about their community, their children and their local businesses.  Quaint locally owned businesses and shops that are part of the community, and not faces for Corporate America.  I love that La Mesa is a patriotic town that holds an annual Flag Day parade, that every year children participate in a box car derby and that our local fire station holds a annual pancake breakfast to help pay for the Flag Day parade. 

Living here in The Village of La Mesa, allows us to see the Liquid Ambers change color, marking the start of Autumn.   We can walk to local restaurants for  a meal, Cosmos Cafe for quick pick me cup of coffee, the library, the bank, the post office and the grocery stores .   All the while getting small town friendly service.  Every Friday there’s a farmers market that gives us the opportunity to purchase the local farm produce, homemade tamales or baked breads and  fresh flowers.  

I wasn’t particularly happy when I moved here over 10 years ago as I thought there was no life east of the 5.  I was quickly proven wrong by the Italian Restaurant across the street.  They saw us as we were moving in and brought us a big dish of pasta with marinara to welcome us to the neighborhood.  We knew then that we were home.  Life is good here in La Mesa!



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