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July 31, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


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sandiego home stagingOne way to really class up your San Diego Home and make a space feel bigger is to add mirrors. Not only do mirrors trick the eye reflecting the room to make it look larger, but they intensify light in the space.

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Wall Mirror

How high does one hang a mirror? As with art, there is a proper height for a mirror when it is being hung like art. The center point of the area, vertically should be 5 feet, 8 inches high. 



Choosing a Size

A large room needs a large mirror, a small room a small. If your room is large but you do not have a large mirror, a grouping of similar sized models can look wonderful when hung properly. When grouping mirrors, the outside line of the grouping should be as large as a large-scale piece would look.

Floor Mirror

Lastly, floor mirrors are an elegant touch and designers use them to give a smaller space an enormous increase in visual space.


Frames can tie things together well. For an eclectic look, a wide variety of frames can look great. Frameless mirrors can look contemporary. Mirrors can be used give the illusion of a window. I’ve also seen them used at the back of a fireplace reflecting candlelight to brighten a room.

Photos Courtesy HGTV and Country Living.

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