Home Decor – Color, Part Two

September 11, 2012

Home Decor – Paint, Part Two

color |kələr| ( Brit. colour)


the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light…

San Diego Home DecorOur Series:

Week One: we looked at the personal nature of color.
Week Two: we are going to look at how to choose colors that please.
Week Three: we are going to look at how to apply a palette of color for the greatest longevity in your room. 

Week Two

Last week we observed the personal nature of color. This week, we follow on with some discussion on how to choose colors that will please. There are a number of factors that can really keep us on the right track.

First consider pleasing the folks share the space. While you might not involve everyone in every decision, you still want their input so they can have a stake in their home.

Photo Courtesy of Homelove

Pink might not be a good choice for a wall color in a space that people of both sexes use. One of the fastest ways to drive a man from a room is to make it overly feminine. Besides, colors with such strong ties to age and sex association can appear juvenile unless handled by the experts.Home decorating your san diego home with Rosemary Joles

Take into account structural elements. If you are painting a kitchen and you have granite counter tops, you definitely want swatches of each of the colors in the granite. You can enhance or play down colors by choosing the right tones to balance the space.

In the dining room to the right, the wood tones in the cabinet have been picked up in the wallpaper and drapes. The tone on tone relationship makes the room feel peaceful.

Use association to make your choices a home run. If your family went on a great vacation to Yosemite or a Caribbean destination, you might want to look at the photos for inspiration. Your home won’t look like a theme park or camouflage if you put things together properly.

Photo Courtesy of Decormag.ru

Photo Inspiration

Here are some photos that show how to pull colors from a photo. Once you’ve seen this, you’ll never look at color schemes the same again. Color Swatches Courtesy of Seeds and Pinterest.

San Diego Home Decorating, SandiegoRosemary Joles Tips for Decorating Your Home To SellPhoto Courtesy of Decormag.ru

Next week we are going to look at how to apply a palette of color for the greatest longevity in your room.


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