Green Staging and the Four C’s of Good Home Staging

March 19, 2012

Tips on how to make your home sell able

Staging Article by Barb Schwarz with great advice for people who are looking to sell – Stage it Green Using the 4C’s

The Four C’s

Rosemary Joles invited me to share some pointers with prospective sellers.  Did you know that staged homes statistically sell 87 percent faster than unstaged homes? I am posting an article, written by a colleague, that will give sellers some pointers to help get their home in tip top shape.

Declutter,staging homes for sale Home staged by Simplify Staging and Redesign, Inc.

Clutter – whether you are staging to sell or just to live, your home is a haven. When you remove unnecessary items and either dispose of them or just properly store them, your home will make a huge jump forward in the peacefulness quotient.

Clean – Deep cleaning is another way to give your home an inviting quality. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty room. Cleanliness will freshen your home. Clean grout and sparkling windows makes future upkeep on a prospective home seem effortless.

Color – soft, light, and neutral colors consistently placed throughout your home will give it a light, airy aesthetic.

Creative – stretch your decorating dollars by repurposing things you already have or can buy inexpensively.

Rita Mailheau,Judy Sullivan,Simlify Staging,San Diego Real Estate,Staging to Sell Guest Blogger: Rita Mailheau from Simplify Staging and Redesign.

For more tips on successfully staging your home, read the entire article linked above.  For staging services, contact Simplify at

Guest Blogger is Rita Mailheau of Simplify Staging and Redesign


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