Garden Planning For SD County?

May 1, 2013


sprouting seeds in san diego

As we were sorting seeds, choosing which varieties to plant this season & researching when the best times are to plant each one, we ran across some really great information & thought we would share with you, our favorite readers! 

So here it is… ‘Garden Planning For San Diego County’ from the Cooperative Extension of the University of California. Most vegetables fall into two groups:



Cool Season Crops

  • Root veggies: Carrot, parsnip, beet, radish & turnips.
  • Stem veggies: Kohlrabi, white potato
  • Leaf veggies: Spinach, lettuce, celery, asparagus, cabbage, onion
  • Immature flower veggies: Cauliflower, sprouting broccoli, globe artichoke


Warm Season Crops

  • Mature Fruit: Tomato, watermelon, cantaloupe, winter squash
  • Immature fruit: Summer squash, cucumber, snap & lima beans, sweet corn

 san diego seeds



Here Are Some Recommended Planting Dates For San Diego County’s Warm Season





Coastal Region

Inland Region

Beans, Snap & Pole        Mid Mar-Aug April-Mid Aug
Beams. Lima Mid April – July Mid Apr-July
Cantaloupe April – June April – June
Corn, Sweet Mid Mar-July April – July
Cucumbers Mid Mar-July April – July
Eggplant (plants) April – June April – June
Melons April – June April – June
Okra April – June April – June
Pepper (plants) April – July April – June
Squash, Summer Mid Mar-Aug April – July
Squash, Winter April – June April – June
Sweet Potato (plants) April – June May – June
Tomato (plants) March – July April – June
Watermelons April – June April – June



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