2013 Family Emergency Preparation – Are You Ready?

January 19, 2013

CA emergency preparation

I often hear people say California has no seasons. I tend to disagree.  

We have Earthquake, Winter Storms, and Wildfire Season. Here are

some steps your family can take to be prepared. It is not comprehensive, just a checklist to get you started.

1. Reverse 911 Cell Phone Registration.

If you are no longer using a land line, the Office of Emergency Services (OES) cannot warn you to evacuate. Register every family member’s CELL phone number at oes.ca.gov or readysandiego.org 

san diego county emergency preparation

 2. Have a Plan.

Where do you meet in case of an emergency? Who do you need to contact? Have an emergency kit for each family member already prepared. Go to ready.gov or oes.ca.gov for checklists. And then, PRACTICE your plan.

3. Water.

The rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person, per day. fema.gov

4. Change the batteries in your smoke detector

At Daylight Savings time when you reset your clocks. Don’t forget your flashlight batteries as well.

making an emergency preparation checklist for your family

5. Documents and Photos.

You can replace furniture and buildings. Photos are irretrievable. Take a home inventory. Keep a copy in a safe deposit box & use a backup program such as carbonite.com or the Cloud. Have a storage container ready  to go or use a pre-setup one such as docbox911.com sells. Have a small fire safe for valuables. Take your photos and scan them onto an internet storage site. Store negatives in the same safe deposit box you put the home inventory and documents in.

6. Create and maintain Defensible Space.

Trim tree limbs back off roofs and sides of house under the eaves. Clean out
the rain gutters. Clean out the garage and take all chemicals and flammables to your city’s Public Works Center or drop them off at a local Household Waste event. epa.gov/ Clear space at least 100 feet from our house. Clear up clutter.

learn cpr in san diego county

7. Learn CPR and First Aid.

Contact your local Red Cross at redcross.org, they offer classes often.

8. Pets & Special Needs.

For your pets, make sure you havefood, water, leash, a crate, medicines, toy, and blanket. hsus.organd ready.gov have ideas & lists. Go to the National Council onDisability at ncd.org to make sure you have the right supplies forthe disabled and elderly. Medications are critical to have withyou.

The more you plan and prepare in advance, the easier it will be for you to act instead of react, in an emergency. Please go to my website for further information at farmersagent.com/sromo

Susanne Romo, LUTCF has been working in insurance since 1986. Her passion is showing her clients that there can be a vast difference between just ‘having’ insurance…and being properly insured. She can be reached at 858 751 0956 or sromo@farmersagent.com


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