El Cajon isn’t just a dusty old cowboy town

March 26, 2012

El Cajon History


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El Cajon Landscape 1937 Courtesy of El Cajon Historical Society

In the late 1860’s, El Cajon was part of a much larger ranch of forty thousand acres.  The Pedrorena family, owners of the El Cajon Rancho, sold this tract of farmland to a German named Isaac Lankershim for a dollar an acre, and from this humble seed the city of El Cajon grew.

Once Known as the Raisin Capitol

There is definitely a cowboy mystique to this town that began as a farm. Through the years El Cajon has produced lemons, oranges, and pears, but its real notoriety came from grapes. For a time El Cajon was known as the raisin capitol.

El Cajon Lakeside Hotel

Lakeside Hotel Courtesy of San Diego History Center

Contributions in the Music Industry

El Cajon has made its mark in indutries besides agriculture. Native sons of this fair city founded a number of famous music groups including the Eagles, the Byrds and the lesser-known Flying Burrito Brothers.

To many, though, its most famous native son is Jimmy Johnson, five-time NASCAR cup winner.

Take a few minutes to read the full article, The Secrets and History of El Cajon by Dave Good.

Mainstreet El Cajon modern day

El Cajon Mainstreet photo Courtesy of Flickr and Yahoo Images M38

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