DIY Desk Ideas For a Great Home Office

May 22, 2013


A beautiful new desk is the perfect way to turn your boring old office into an enjoyable, motivational space!


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Glass is a great way to reflect light and add a unique touch. Salvaged wood like an old door, old work horses with a fresh coat of paint now takes on a new level of chicness with this DIY desk from HGTV. Give it a clean look with a coat of white paint, or add a little personality with a dose of color. Placing pictures or quotes that inspire and motivate you underneath is a great way to keep inspiration right under your nose!


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A simple glass worktop can help accentuate your room’s design without hiding anything behind the solid wood of a traditional desk. This desk allows the soothing lilac of her walls to peak through. For added elegance, the supporting wood trestle bases were painted in gold for instant glamour. Metallic hues are a great way to add neutrals into a space without using typical black or white. Gold compliments a warmer color palette, while silver tones work well with cooler tones. Now go put together a gorgeous room to inspire your family!


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rosemaryjoles October 16, 2015

Great ideas!


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