Christmas 365: Day 1

January 1, 2014

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Call it what you like, keeping Christmas year round, random acts of kindness, making a difference one day at a time…I’m calling it Christmas 365.  It all started with Pinterest and seeing this pin.  I thought “That’s a cool idea.” I’ll include it in my annual “Guide to San Diego Light Displays”.  While creating that piece, I thought wouldn’t it be neat if we all did this year round? Instead of only giving in December what if every day we endeavored to make a difference in peoples lives.  So… without even thinking about it for more than 24 hours onto the guide it went.  My commitment to start posting 365 days of ideas to keeping the spirit of Christmas all year long. 

I may be biting off more than I can chew.  I’m a very busy San Diego real estate agent with a lot on my plate, but hey what’s one more thing. “Really, I got this,” I tell my husband.  All the while he’s thinking,” yeah, this is going to become my project”.  How hard can it be I tell myself?  Always famous last words in our family.  So we will all see how I do.  I may fall flat on my face with this little project, but if I don’t attempt it, I’ll never do it.  So here it goes… 

To keep the project, a realistic one, this will be the longest post you will see.  The rest of these posts will be photos with suggestions on how to make a difference. Like the photo you see above.

We hope it inspires you.


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