Did you know that San Diego is on the map as one of the dog friendliest cities? Beaches, hiking trails & many stores & cafes ready to accommodate four legged visitors. 

46% of San Diego county households share their lives with a furry friend. 21.3% of these families have dogs & 15.5% have cats & 9.2% own both dogs & cats. It’s unbelievable how many articles there are about San Diego’s “Pet Friendliness”, but with our amazing weather, why wouldn’t more dog lovers move here? 

Let’s see how you match up to what pet owners across the country say about their pets…

  • 36% of dog owners give their pets birthday presents.
  • 16% of dog owners say they purchased a car & home with their pet in mind. 
  • 27% of pet owners have taken their pets to a professional photographer.
  • 25% of dog owners say they blow dry their dogs hair after a bath. 
  • 9 in 10 pet owners say they consider their pet a member of the family.
  • $5 Billion are spent on holiday presents for pets!

deldog2_1600x600Photo Credit:  hoteldel.com

Here is some great info. for new dog owners or those new to San Diego County:

Where are the best dog parks & off-leash dog parks in SDC? Right here.  

Looking for a great Pet Friendly Guide to San Diego? Places for you & your visitors with pets to stay & have fun? Read this article.  Check out ‘ Dining with the doggies” for some great San Diego restaurants that are pet friendly.  

Plus, there is a magazine just for San Diego pet families: sandiegopetsmagazine.com

If all that fun stuff isn’t enough… In 2012 San Diego hosted a record setting 7th annual Dog Surfing Championship! A Guinness world record was even set there for the most dogs on a single surfboard! Check out the video below.

San Diego… there are already a million reasons why anyone would fall in love with SD county, but sharing the fun with a four legged friend can make life here even better!



Happy thanksgiving

Give Thanks.
For each new morning with it’s light
For rest and shelter of the night
For health and food
For love and friends
For everything
Thy goodness sends.

Photo credit: sealaura.blogspot.com


Christmas 365: Day 331

November 27, 2014

331- Make a plate with leftovers to give to a homeless person Photo Credit: millionairclubcharity.wordpress.com


Christmas LightsThis brochure is downloadable for print.  It can also be  viewed by getting the issuu app for  your iphone/ipad or android device.


Christmas 365: Day 330

November 26, 2014

330- Host a toy drivePhoto Credit: innercirclecorona.com